guix-config.git System configurations git3 weeks
dotfiles.gitPersonal dotfiles git3 weeks
tojo-tokyo-guix-channel.gitGuix Channel for's packages. git3 weeks
extract-green-color.gitExtract green color from a photo of LCD Writing Tablet. git3 weeks
guile-sicp-picture-language.gitAn implementation of SICP picture language for GNU Guile. git3 weeks
guile-acl2.gitAn implementation of Guile's ACL2 (A Computational Logic for Applicative Common ...git6 weeks
www-tojo-tokyo.gitMy web sitegit6 weeks
pict-sexp.gitDraw sexpgit7 weeks
map-avl.gitSimple implementation of AVL tree with R6RS git7 weeks
canny.gitDetect Canny edge git7 weeks
qkbox.gitQkbox is a TojoQK's toybox git7 weeks
toot.gitToot is a Mastodon Client in Guile REPL git7 weeks
vikalpa.gitVikalpa is a proof assistant inspired by J-Bob git7 weeks
guix-channel.gitPersonal guix packages git7 weeks
blackjack.gitA blackJack game implemented in ACL2 git7 weeks